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During my more than 20 years of experience in a manufacturing organization and seeing it growing manifold, I have had the opportunity to interact with a variety of people from workers to highly qualified technical and managerial staff.  This has given me some insights into the various motivational factors, which shape people’s attitudes towards work and life and ultimately has a final say in their being successful or otherwise. I also found that these factors have a direct bearing upon leadership effectiveness in a large organization.

On many public platforms and personal interaction, people have asked me to share the secrets of our success as a growing organization amidst global competition, which is becoming local day by day. Reflecting upon my experience at work place; and thereafter at home ;and with friends,  I found  that there are no such secrets but there are some interrelated universal principles, which can be associated with successful organizational behaviour and effective leadership. I have attempted to share these principles with the society for the benefits of all in form of a book, “READY TO TAKE OFF”. This website takes forward the work, for which foundation has been laid in the aforesaid book.

I eagerly look forward to your valuable suggestions, observations and comments, which will be very helpful toward fulfilling the aforesaid purpose of the website.

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